Orders will be able to be picked up in the Pick-Up Lockers...MORE INFO

How to pick up your LACHSA Store order!

Purchases will be put in Pick-up Lockers starting Aug. 20th. Due to many orders not being picked up on Drive By Pick-Up dates, there are many orders that need to be put into lockers. You will receive an email when your order has been put in a locker. Thank you for your patience.

LACHSA Store Pick-up Lockers are located in the main office right outside the conference room. When the order is fulfilled, you will be emailed the locker number and the 4 digit code for opening the lock. Fulfilled orders will remain in the assigned locker until the following Friday, so you'll have a full week to pick them up!


1. Go to the Pick Up lockers in the main office and find the locker number sent in your email.

2. Turn the lock so you can see the center section with the numbers and enter the 4 digit code sent in your email


3. Open lock, remove your item, then please PUT BACK THE LOCK AND LOCK IT. Thank you!

A few important notes...

  • We have 18 delivery lockers. Orders are filled in the order in which they are received. If we have more than 18 orders during the week, orders exceeding that amount will be delivered to a locker the following Friday as soon as space becomes available.
  • ONE WEEK PICK-UP WINDOW. Once your order is assigned a locker for delivery, it will be held in the assigned locker for only one week. Should you not be able to make the pick-up yourself, anyone you give your locker number and lock code to can pick up your items...your child, a friend etc.

    At the end of the one week period, the order will be removed from the secure lockers and placed in the 'not picked up box' in the office. IN THE EVENT OF THEFT, WE CAN NOT REPLACE ITEMS, so please do not forget to pick up your order!

Questions? info@lachsastore.com