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About the LACHSA Store

The LACHSA Store is run by the LACHSA Merchandise Team. All sales support the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts! 

This year's featured addition is the LACHSA School Crest, created by our very own extremely talented 4th Year Visual Arts student, Claire Mauvezin. 

Big thank you to Gretchen Palmer for picking the best merchandise products ever! Big thank you to Liz Young (Visual Arts Chair) for supervising the creation of the LACHSA Crest, big thank you to Haley Smith (2015 Dance Alumna) for helping with the new fashion designs, and big thank you to Lisa Sherman-Colt, Mary Cholko, Warren Cann and Jorge for helping us get set up!

Behind the scenes of the "Merchandise Team":

Lorelei McCollough - 2014 Parent Alumni (Theatre, Musical Theatre, Cinematic Arts)
Anita Smith - 2014 Parent Alumni (Theatre, Musical Theatre), 2015 (Dance, Musical Theatre)
Gretchen Palmer - 2018 Parent Alumni (Dance)
Michelle Merring - 2017 Parent Alumni (Theatre), 2019 (Dance)
Haley Smith - 2015 (Dance, Musical Theatre)
Kelsey Smith - 2014 (Theatre, Musical Theatre)
Aidan McCollough - 2014 (Theatre, Musical Theatre, Cinematic Arts)
Jazz Hayes - 2019 (Dance)
Jason Hayes - 2017 Parent Alumni (Theatre), 2019 (Dance)
Patricia Tripp ("Mama J") - 2013 Parent Alumni (Theatre)
Armand Jahangiri - 2013 (Theatre)
Libby Curiel - Parent 2019 (Theatre)

LACHSA Parents are welcome to join Team Merchandise! The Pop-up version of the LACHSA Store will be making an appearance at our larger school shows and events to support not LACHSA school wide, but also our arts department's merchandise sales as well, so we will really need your support!  Come have fun with us and help the school! 

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